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Curling Friends!

To the World Junior Curling Championships 2023 held in Füssen, Germany

from 25th of February to 4th of March 2023!

10 years have passed since the last big event with the Olympic Qualification Event in 2013 - today we are proud to announce that Füssen, Germany, is to host the World Junior Curling Championships 2023 and happy to welcome curlers and fans from across the globe!

The competition starts on Saturday, the 25th of February and will end on Saturday the 4th of March with finals!

Besides the Olympic Qualification Event in 2013, 10 years ago, Füssen hosted three more World Curling competitions to date; the Uniroyal World Junior Curling Championships in 1988 and the European Championships in 1997 and 2007.

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"Join the teams PLAYING MILESTONES - the official claim of the WJCC 2023 which represents exactly what the individual players and teams awaits: a milestone itself and additionally a week full of memories and milestones - in curling but also for life!"

Event information

WELCOME to Füssen!

Destination for sports lovers, for hiking and skiing, surrounded with castles, lakes and mountains. Home of the Curling Club Füssen, the second biggest curling club in Germany with more than 150 members and home to some internationally known players!

THANKS to our Supporters & Sponsors!

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